ABOUT “Rent To Own Today”

Rent To Own Today is a Calgary based real estate investment company which focuses on creating successful Win-Win agreements and partnerships which benefit all parties involved. We believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to experience home ownership, as well as creating long term equity through successful real estate investments.

The founders of Rent To Own Today have extensive background in real estate, renovations, and financing – creating a well-balanced foundation for long term investment success.

Rent To Own Today believes in diligent research, ongoing education, and leveraging successful alliances and partnerships for the sake of long term investment results. We work with an extensive team of real estate professionals including realtors, mortgage brokers, private lenders and other real estate investment companies to ensure consistent results and the longevity of our investments.



In addition to significant passion for real estate investing, Shawna Roch has extensive experience in several areas of the real estate industry. With 5 years of direct experience at a real estate appraisal firm in Edmonton, Shawna understands property values and valuation factors. She has also worked in the HVAC industry for nearly 25 years – specializing in working with property managers, contractors, engineers, and managing a large sales team for both residential and commercial territories.

The combination of background in each of these areas provides a unique competitive advantage when it comes to selecting investment opportunities and identifying unique situations which can be extremely valuable for all parties involved.


With an extensive background in dealing with contractors, training sales teams and operating as branch manager for a large HVAC company, Bernie Roch has a strong and diverse skill set for growing ShawRoco Solutions. With more than 30 years in the HVAC industry handling wholesale distribution and sales management, Bernie truly understands the negotiation process. He has a strong focus on creating successful long term relationships and partnerships which benefit everyone and create consistent WinWin opportunities.